The Russian market of mobile Internet is resistant to macroeconomic fluctuations

In 2015, Russia’s total mobile data traffic reached the level of 2.5 exabytes per year, which is an increase in 1.5 times over the previous year.

J’son & Partners Consulting presented primary results of a study called “The Russian market of mobile Internet access” according to results of 2015 “. While revenues from traditional mobile services are growing slower, a growth in revenues from data services has become the main driver of the Russian mobile market.

According to J’son & Partners, by the end of 2015 Russia had 107 million active users of mobile data. The subscriber base grew by 9% compared to the results of 2014. The main factors of growth in the number of mobile data users are increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets as well as a development of the M2M market.

Analysts highlighted the growing popularity of mobile applications and mobile heavy content such as video and TV. Mobile messengers have already become major tools of communication between people, many car drivers have no understanding of roads and routs without geo-location services, and some mobile applications even do not have any analogues in the “big” Internet. Smartphones and tablets are considered as the main devices for watching video, music and games by many users. Thus, not only the total active subscriber base of mobile Internet increases, but also the average traffic per device.

The spread of a high-speed data transmission technology (HSPA +, LTE) allows a comfortable usage of a “heavy” internet traffic services. Moreover, devices with LTE support become more accessible, when there is an opportunity to purchase 4G-smartphones and tablets with 4G with less than 5 thousand rubles (<$100), which is especially important in the current difficult macroeconomic situation.

According to J’son & Partners, in 2015, Russia’s total mobile data traffic reached the level of 2.5 exabytes per year, which is an increase in 1.5 times over the previous year.

One of the main factors of mobile data traffic growth remains a substitution of conventional mobile phones by smartphones, which consume ten times more traffic in average. Since 2012, an active subscribers base users of mobile internet on smartphones has tripled, and the traffic per one device increases by four times.

The results of 2015 show that the Russian market of mobile Internet access is resistant to macroeconomic fluctuations.

Taking into account the increasing pace of the M2M market development as well as an increase in the number of smart mobile devices users, J’son & Partners predicts a further intensive growth of the number of subscribers of mobile data in Russia; with the development of high-speed mobile Internet networks an average traffic consumed by mobile devices will increase also.

An active subscriber base of mobile data in Russia (million SIM-cards):

2012       2013       2014       2015

77               90             98            107

(*source:J’son & Partners Consulting, 2016)

Total mobile data traffic in Russia (exabytes):

2012       2013       2014       2015

0,5             0,9             1,6            2,5

(*source:J’son & Partners Consulting, 2016)

An average monthly traffic per smartphone (GB / month):

2012       2013       2014       2015

0,4             0,6             1,1             1,4

(*source:J’son & Partners Consulting, 2016)

*published by Open Systems Publications

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