The Latest List Of The Russian Mobile Ad Networks

The Russian mobile ecosystem is pretty complicated from an external view. Our team’s goal is to help mobile marketers penetrate the market with minimum risk and maximum efficiency. This includes, besides other things, sharing our knowledge.

Our team has over four years experience successfully managing mobile ad campaigns for our clients. We’ve tested various sources of traffic and apparently know a lot about local vendors. We’d like to introduce you to the biggest ones. Below you may find our comments on them.

myTarget and Facebook dominate the ecosystem with their reach and precise targeting capabilities. myTarget has a bigger audience but falls behind Facebook on some great features, like Lookalike Audiences.

Yandex didn’t take part in the mobile advertising race until recently. In March they allowed third-party mobile SSPs and networks to connect to their network, untimately becoming a mobile DSP. Still Google is far ahead of Yandex in that race.

Affiliate networks represent a great opportunity for foreign companies to penetrate the market with low risk, but don’t provide a great extent of transparency. Still if you have enough time and resources to pay attention to the traffic quality, these can be extremely useful.

DSPs are a good option for those in need of growing their volumes. Since most of these operate on RTB, which is dominated by remnant traffic, there’s a good chance of getting some low-cost installs from DSPs.

Ad networks. Most of these are brand-oriented or premium ad networks and will unlikely fit into performance advertisers’ CPIs. However for those, interested in brand advertising, these can be a good fit.

Although, knowing local vendors is important, it’s more important to know local users’ behavior and market’s peculiarities. Relevant call-to-actions and images result in higher CTR and CVR rates. Rebound Mobile helps mobile marketers achieve high level of traction sharing our experience and knowledge of these kind of specificities. If you want to know more about how can we help you penetrate the Russian market or grow your presence there, reach out to

*We’ll be updating the list on a regular basis. Feel free to check it out from time to time. If you’re a network that we didn’t put in the list, feel free to get in touch.


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