Russian mobile networks became the main competitors for international companies in the European region

AppsFlyer published a new Performance Index for the first half of 2016, a list of the best advertising networks to acquire quality traffic. It is determined by the aggregate number of downloads and the retention rate in applications and games. The results offer marketers and developers of mobile applications reliable criteria and benchmarks for reaching and retaining the audience, helping to make timely informed decisions on the allocation of advertising budgets and marketing activities.

One of the interesting findings was on Russian networks presence in Europe. They became the main competitors for international companies in the European region, having won more than a quarter (26%) positions of the total number of participants rating in the last six months. From the Russian companies there are also Shark Games, Zorka.Mobi, Datalead, Mobisharks, Mobio, WakeApp, Yandex, Rocket10.



Importantly, Shark Games is currently taking higher position in Power Ranking, while stays behind in Retention Score among Russian networks. myTarget oppositely climbs higher in both ratings over the last periods and becomes #1 in Retention Score on Android and iOS platforms showing the most impressive performance. Overall there is a big range of networks for all the aims and rapid spread of Russian networks shows a high success of mobile games on certain markets.

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