Russian mobile ad networks WapStart and Vengo Vision entered the market of native advertising

Various mobile advertising formats effect differently on a user and serve to advertisers’ different purposes: some of them are aimed to attract new users, others – to increase their loyalty to a product or a brand, to engage etc.

WapStart company launched native format of advertising, which is already available in the test mode for a number of advertisers and, in the near future, will be open to all other users of the system.

The advantage of the format is that it is more user friendly as it is perceived as an organic content of a site / application, meanwhile providing a higher level of conversion for a product or service of an advertiser.

Using the native format together with the optimization of RTB traffic purchase and access to high-quality publishers, will allow advertisers to achieve high conversion at a low cost of advert.

Segment of out-stream advertisement will increase by 30-40% in 2016. The main trend of the format is scaling it by placing on the mobile web traffic. Enders Analysis and Yahoo presented a report “Native advertising in Europe in 2020” which says that by the year 2020 the share of native advertising will grow by 156% and take 56% of the European market of media advertising. According to another study of IHS Technology, by 2020 63.2% of mobile advertising will be native and generate $ 53 billion.

Following the latest studies, a new premium cross media network of native video Vengo Vision entered the market in July. The project was implemented within Vengo Group – a group of companies specializing in mobile technologies. The founders call the main advantage an opportunity to package deals with the largest mobile premium network iVengo Mobile, great coverage by the pool of famous federal media, original formats as well as the use of data from DMP Vengo Consult – a platform of mobile and online surveys, through which it is possible to advertise to narrow audience segments.

The network Vengo Vision starts with two formats in August 2016:

Inline video banner – already common in Russian net video format in the editorial content with auto start on WebGL technology at 20% of the player visibility.



Topline video banner – auto opening on the top of the page, shifting all of the content during video play.



Also before the end of 2016 the company will present three exclusive native video format. The total coverage of the network and the top 10 audience segments will be measured by TNS.



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