Russian ad networks top the list in the AppsFlyer performance index

During the MWC 2016 in Barcelona, an Israel-headquartered mobile analytics platform AppsFlyer issued a performance index of the top performing traffic sources across the globe. Russian ad networks myTarget ( Group’s mobile division) and Mobisharks scored the highest retention rates in the European region on iOS platform in the gaming vertical.

The AppsFlyer Performance Index - MWC 2016 Special Edition - AppsFlyer - Google Chrome

It’s worth mentioning that myTarget sources traffic from the largest Russian social networks Vkontakte (VK) and Odnoklassniki (OK) and is the aggregator of mobile inventory from both networks. myTarget offers a self-service interface available in English and a support team. Mobisharks is a DSP platform that capitalizes on its partnership with Auditorious DMP. Mobisharks has been launched not so long ago – in Autumn last year, but has already been featured in several indexes among the top performing platforms.

MyTarget and Mobisharks are not the only Russian networks in the index. Affiliate networks Everyads and Unilead made it to the European top 20 too. Plarin – an ad platform for myTarget – is also in the list, but performed surprisingly worse than its traffic source.

To sum up, the Russian mobile inventory seems to have the highest retention rate in gaming among all European states. That being said, mobile game developers should certainly consider Russia as their key European market. It may seem confusing from the beginning, but with a reliable marketing partner it is the right way to go.

The original index is available here:


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