Rebound Mobile visited White Nights Conference 2016 in Saint Petersburg

Rebound Mobile visited White Nights Conference 2016 and shares short results.

The White Nights 10th conference was held in St. Petersburg at the end of June. According to visitors and participants, it was the coolest one of the time of its existence.

Nevertheless, figures would demonstrate it better:

 – a number of participants of White Nights St. Petersburg was 1 386 people;

 – 86 teams took part in exhibition of developers

 – visitors represented 39 countries

  there were 83 stands in total

 – the main party on a pirate ship ‘’The Flying Dutchman’’ has gathered more than 700 guests

 – the organizers played 17 prizes

 – Finnish Game Dayevent was held for the first time within the White Nights and the Consulate of Finland cooperation

 – new and interesting business program formats such as Deconstruction Workshop, developers talk on stage smoking hookah and Publisher Pavilion were successfully put into practice

Indie Game Cup Winners

Indie Game Cup winners were announced at the awards ceremony in several categories and awarded with prizes:

 – One Dream got HTC Vives from Epic Games;

 – Armor5Games got Beats Pill from G5 Games;

 – AnRaEl won VR Headset from Fibrum;

 – Suricate Games were awarded with Fire 7 ” Display Tablet from Amazon;

 – Zillion Whales won iPad Pro from HeroCraft;

 – ComonGames received several prizes: branded iPad Pro from WG Labs, Fire TV from Amazon and HTC Vives from Epic Games.

Prizes raffle

Also as a part of the awards ceremony, there was set of prizes played:

 – HTC Vives from Epic Games / Unreal Engine

 – Fire 7 ” Display Tablet from Amazon

 – PS4 from Sperasoft

 – Gamepad for PS4 from White Nights

 – Smart Watch Samsung Gear S2 from Clickky

Rebound Mobile shares a short ironic video, presented by the conference’s hosts, that demonstrates mobile app industry B2B relations and became viral on Russian Facebook:

The next conference will be held in Moscow!

Next Conference White Nights will be held in the Russian capital on 11-12 October 2016 in the Congress Park Radisson Royal Hotel. Registration is already open online! Hurry up to buy tickets at the lowest prices!

Registration –

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