Rebound Mobile sets its headquarters in Helsinki to help the Finnish gaming industry to make it in the East

Rebound Mobile, a mobile marketing agency based in Russia, moves its headquarters to Helsinki to help the thriving gaming industry in Finland to access the complex markets in Russia, China and Japan. By bringing in their expertise in local markets and networks, the founders Timur Kulbaev and Evgenii Bykov believe that the gaming industry in Finland could find commercial success in mobile marketing in the East just as it has done in the West.

Rebound Mobile helps marketers with strategy, market analysis, vendors and creatives by sharing their local experience and best practices, thus easing and speeding up the market penetration.

“The idea of closing the gap between the Russian and western markets came naturally to us – we noticed that western marketers get confused when it comes to marketing in countries like Russia, China or Japan due to their specificities, like language, mentality or domestic companies’ prevalence. To improve the situation and help marketers resolve this complexity, we decided to launch a mobile marketing agency with local experts in each complex market”, says the Managing Director Timur Kulbaev.

The goal is to facilitate the process of reaching complex markets, most of which are in Asia, to the western mobile companies. “Finland is a perfect fit not only because it’s located kind of between East and West, but also due to the density of mobile companies, like Rovio, Supercell and Fingersoft. Chances are the next mobile star will rise here and we want to be there when it happens”, Kulbaev continues.

The Rebound Mobile team currently consists of 9 people with expertise in sales, user acquisition, analytics and design. Headquarters is located in Helsinki and an international office is in St.Petersburg. The company is planning to hire more people and grow the team up to 50 professionals across several offices, including China, Japan, Korea, India, other South-East countries and Latin America.



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