Rebound Mobile becomes Elex Technology’s exclusive marketing partner in Russia

Press Release. July 26, 2016

Rebound Mobile, a Finland-based mobile marketing agency, announced today that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Elex Technology in Russia for all user acquisition marketing activities.

Under the terms of the agreement, Rebound Mobile will be the exclusive user acquisition marketing partner for Clash of Queens in Russia, giving the latter access to dozens of traffic networks. It is also assigned to localization and creative production as well as video ad distribution. Clash of Queens: Dragons Rise is the newest series game, which comprises an advanced multiuser strategy with a truly fantastic world. The combination of MMO, strategy and war theme allows players to communicate, build alliances and have freedom of action.

Timur Kulbaev, Managing Director of Rebound Mobile: “We’re pleased that Elex Technology has chosen Rebound Mobile as their exclusive marketing partner in Russia. We’re confident that the game has a potential for similar success as their previous games, such as Clash of Kings.”

Jane Lee, Marketing Director of Elex Technology: “We chose Rebound Mobile to be our exclusive partner in Russia because they are highly experienced in mobile marketing, they are reliable, and they possess the necessary resources to successfully fulfil our marketing goals.”

About Rebound Mobile: Rebound Mobile is a team of marketing experts that helps mobile companies access unexplored markets while minimizing risk and resources.

About Elex Technology: Elex Technology is a Chinese mobile game studio that has already hit the Russian mobile market with Clash of Kings, taking first places in top charts.


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