About the project

Client: Unilever Inc

Product: DinoTerra mobile game

Targetting: Russia, Android


  • Drive organic installs
  • Top 5 ranking in the Google Play’s Arcade category
  • Increase brand awareness

What we did:

In a crowded mobile game market, Rebound Mobile was tasked with achieving and maintaining a top 5 ranking for Android in the Russian Google Play store.
We integrated a mobile strategy that included social media and affiliate networks. This strategy aimed to push organic downloads and sustain a top 5 ranking using both incentivized and non-incentivized traffic as well as an organic up-lift strategy.


Since the beginning of the campaign, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in download volume and conversion rates while maintaining a highly cost-effective CPA. The ranking target was achieved on the third day, and it was sustained by leveraging the proven traffic sources.

15,000 non-incentivized installs on average daily

22,000 incentivized installs on average daily

Top 5 ranking in Google Play’s Arcade category

29 ranking in Google Play’s Free Apps category