About the project

Product: an RPG mobile game
Platforms: Android and iOS
Period: April 2016 – ongoing
Goal: to develop and to implement cost- and risk- efficient strategies for bringing a new mid-core mobile game to the Russian market.
What we do:
Applying the market knowledge, our team came up with an integrated low-risk strategy that included more than 30 local traffic vendors across social, display, affiliate and search ad networks.
The campaigns go through a tight workflow from strategy, creatives and media buying to analysis and optimization stages. All the data is transparent and available in real-time in the client’s dashboard.
We optimize campaigns towards the client’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Retention Rate and Return In Investments (ROI).
Capitalizing on our team’s local language knowledge we keep ad copy refreshed on a regular basis.
Through our vast network of traffic suppliers, the game has reached the top 10 Overall Grossing rank in Russia within just three months, while the market revenue has become a nice surprise for the client:
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