About the project

Product: Guvera music mobile app

Targetting: Russia, Android and iOS
Traffic: Non-incentivized
Action: Install and Registration
Acquire new users
Increase brand’s visibility
Guvera is an online music streaming service and mobile app. Besides the standard difficulties of entering a new market, the main problems that content distributing services face in Russia are copyright issues. A number of websites offer otherwise paid content for free. However, there is still a great number of users who prefer official apps and are willing to pay for the content they consume. The challenge was to figure out where they were and how to best reach them.
What we did:
Before reaching out to us, Guvera already had marketing activity up and running in Russia. We helped them ramp up their marketing efforts, complemented their existing initiatives with the introduction of new media partners, and tuned up their campaigns to ensure better acceptance within the Russian mentality. By making use of third party tracking, we ensured that the campaigns were regularly optimized and targets were reached.
Top 5 in Music category and top 50 overall on the App Store
Top 6 in Music and Audio category and top 100 overall on Google Play
180,000 active Android users
100,000 active iOS users (and this number still growing)