About the project

Product: Delivery Club mobile app

Targeting: Russia, iOS and Android
Traffic: Non-incentivized
Action: App install and app launch
First place in the Food and Drink category on App Store
New users acquisition
Brand’s popularity increase
Delivery Club is the biggest food delivery service in Russia. It is comprised of 4000+ restaurants and has more than 3M+ downloads. As one of the most popular apps in Russia, its challenge was to find new users.
What we did:

We understand the Russian mobile audience, so we know how to get quality customers regularly using the app. We explored various calls-to-action and ad formats and formed direct agreements with cherry-picked publishers.


Under our team’s wing, Delivery Club immediately shot to the top of the Food and Drink category on the App Store, beating out many of its well-known rivals.

400,000 Android installs

500,000 iOS installs