myTarget launches mobile video advertising in affiliate network

An advertising platform myTarget launches mobile video advertising in affiliate network. All existing video formats – native, interstitial, in-stream, rewarded are available to partners of myTarget.

Currently, video is one of the most popular ad formats, which allows publishers and advertisers efficiently solve the problems. Video advertising provides publisher the highest CPM from all possible options of advertising monetization.

Native video is organically embedded in content, therefore it is the best format for social and news applications. Interstitial (full screen video) and rewarded (video for an award), displayed in between levels or when a user wishes to receive a reward for watching, look the most organically in games. In-stream video (prerolls that are demonstrated before and during of video content play) are suitable for video streaming services.

For advertisers, placing a video on the web is available upon request. They will be able to attract the most involved people with all the usual myTarget’s audience and technical targeting.

“We are constantly developing myTarget. At the beginning there were banners available for affiliate network, then we added a native format, and now we launched video ads. Tracking trends in the world of mobile advertising allows us to offer myTarget’s partners most relevant and technologically advanced types of earnings, and for advertisers the ways to promote a product “, – says Dmitry Zevelev, a director of advertising technologies at Mail.Ru Group.

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