More Than 100 Mobile Games Were Shut Down in Japan in the First Four Months of 2017

As reported by the Japanese-based otaku culture website Otapol, and republished by the GamerBraves’ website, more than 100 mobile games recently terminated their services, and their findings were a rather big surprise. Between the beginning of 2017 and mid-April, there were over 100 mobile games that have announced the end of their services. The list includes titles from big and well-known local developers and gaming companies, such Bandai Namco Entertainment, Square Enix, Capcom and Gung Ho Online Entertainment.

Here is a quick look of the full list of the games compiled by Hachima:

Onimusha Soul by Capcom (Image Credit: Capcom)

Asterisk War Festa Kirameki No Stella by Bandai Namco (Image Credit: Bandai Namco)

Aria Aqua Ritmo by BBB (Image Credit: BBB)

According to the Otapol website, several of the games which failed where abiding by advertising trends using keywords such as “luxurious voice actors,” “simple touch,” “full-blown,” and “dramatic.” While some games which have lasted as long as seven years were present in the list, many mobile games lasted for about six months at most.

Samurai Rising will be one of these games terminating its services. The RPG action game by Square Enix features many elements that Final Fantasy players are familiar with, including the tasks and the action style. As the company is facing difficulties in maintaining a satisfactory service, the game will terminate its service on 14th of July 2017, GamerBraves reports.

Square Enix Samurai Rising RPG game will terminate its service on 14th of July 2017 (Image Credit: Square Enix)

Obviously, by no means this would mean that the Japanese mobile game industry is declining. In a highly saturated market, with many local games of them being launched every month, only the best of the best will survive.



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