Mobile apps market reaches $44.6 billion: APAC dominates with 56% of the total revenue

Global market of mobile apps in 2016 reaches $44.8 billion . According to Newzoo, games share accounts 82%. In the latest report the company offers a forecast estimating the apps market at 80.6 billion dollars by 2020.

APAC region takes the biggest share with 56% of the total revenue. To compare, Chinese users will spend $11.9 billion making China #1, while the United States reaches $9.4 billion in grossing.


Newzoo counts 3.39 billion mobile users, 2.3 billion of them use smartphones which is 31% of total population of the globe. In 2016, 41% of smartphone users are from APAC region. As Newzoo mentions, APAC together with Middle East and Africa has the biggest growth potential.



More insights you may find in Newzoo’s Free 2016 Global Mobile Market Report here.


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