Knock down the BRIC wall

Over the past few years, the BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—have
seen significant expansion in the mobile gaming sector. Mobile gaming markets in
the BRIC countries have grown enormously, with year-over-year (YoY) revenue
growth ranging from 49.0% to 132.2% in 2014.
To put this number in context, the global average was 38.9%.
Although BRIC countries, especially India and Brazil, still have lower average
spend than more developed countries, it’s clear that they have huge growth
potential. The CAGR of projected BRIC market revenues for 2013-2016 ranges
from 20.47% to 134.50%.
This kind of market potential is enticing to developers. But each BRIC country
brings its own set of cultural nuances and needs. Localization is essential for game
developers seeking to tap into the BRIC markets.
In this guide, we’ll spotlight all four BRIC countries, giving you the background you
need to plan a localization strategy for each BRIC market.

knock-down-the-bric-wall-your-2015-guide-to-success-in-bric-mobi knock-down-the-bric-wall-your-2015-guide-to-success-in-bric-mobi

knock-down-the-bric-wall-your-2015-guide-to-success-in-bric-mobi knock-down-the-bric-wall-your-2015-guide-to-success-in-bric-mobiknock-down-the-bric-wall-your-2015-guide-to-success-in-bric-mobiknock-down-the-bric-wall-your-2015-guide-to-success-in-bric-mobiknock-down-the-bric-wall-your-2015-guide-to-success-in-bric-mobiknock-down-the-bric-wall-your-2015-guide-to-success-in-bric-mobiknock-down-the-bric-wall-your-2015-guide-to-success-in-bric-mobi


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