How Much Can a Mobile Game Make in Russia?

How Much Can a Mobile Game Make in Russia?

When looking at current global market trends on the mobile gaming industry, what do we know about the Russian market? We know that Russia ranks currently 11th in the countries by game revenue: mobile game developers have earned a total of $215 million USD in Russia in 2016. The total revenue of the Russian gaming industry was $1,3 billion USD, according to a Newzoo report from 2016. Games and in-app content have generated $215M USD in Russia last year, across both App Store and Google Play, reports an App Annie’s representative in charge of the Russian market. This amounts to $307 million USD before App Store and Google Play’s commission. The Russian mobile apps turnover accounted for $429M USD before app stores’ commission.

Among European countries, Russia took the first place by mobile app downloads last year and fifth globally, following USA, China, India and Brazil. Global downloads are expected to hit 352 billion and $139 billion USD in revenue by 2021.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Russian market, to see what could be the estimated revenue the TOP 20 Grossing Games are generating in both iOS and Android platform. We used estimates based on publicly available data to understand what could be the estimated revenue generated from Russian players by game, country and genre, on both iOS and Android. Please note that these are very rough estimates and might substantially differ from real data, therefore do not base any business plans on these numbers. Our scope is to give a deeper insight of an often unexplored market.

iOS App Store

Let’s take a look at the Top 20 Grossing for iOS and see what are the most recent top 20 Grossing ranks (as per April 20th):

Top 20 Grossing iOS (Image Credit: Sensor Tower)

Clash Royale is currently 1st in Grossing Rank (the Supercell latest title knows no signs of slowing down), with Last Empire-War Z and Clash of Kings both running strong at 2nd and 3rd place. The local Russian developer Playrix ranks 4th with Gardenscpapes – New Acres.

The list goes down another Playrix title Township at top 13, one more Supercell title at 15th (an evergreen masterpiece in retention and monetization strategy, if we consider that Clash of Clans was released in 2012) until the top 20, with Heroes Charge at the end of the top 20.

As this article wants to give an insight on how much revenue the Top 20 can generate within the Russian market, we used the public data to get an estimated revenue generated from Russians players. The revenue is from March 2017 for iOS. We can see that Game of War – Fire Age by Machine Zone runs first with more than $1,5 million in revenue, followed by Clash Royale with $1 million, and Clash of Kings at the 3rd place with $700.000 USD. Unfortunately we weren’t able to retrieve any publicly available data for Mobile Strike, despite the game being on the top 20.

Top 20 Grossing iOS_Games RU

Top 20 Grossing Monthly Revenue for iOS

On the next chart, we can see the Top 20 by country: China dominates scene with six titles, followed by US and Finland with three titles and almost equal revenue, and local Russian developers Playrix:

Top 20 Grossing iOS Country RU

Top 20 Grossing Monthly Revenue by Country for iOS

However, when looking at U.S. we can see that the country, with the only Game of War – Fire Age, is able to generate almost as much as Finland with the three Supercell titles, and almost twice as much as Russia with three Playrix games.

Regarding revenue of the Top 20 games by genre in iOS, not surprisingly strategy is the one that generates most revenue, with $5 million USD monthly, followed by casual games with almost $1 million. It is quite surprising to see RPG games at the bottom of the list, a genre that it is a usually a good source of revenue in other countries.

Top 20 Grossing iOS Genre RU

Top 20 Grossing Monthly Revenue by Genre for iOS


Android Google Play Store

Looking at the Google Play store we have Clash Royale in first position, with Vikings: War of Clans and Castle Clash respectively second and third. Game of War and Clash of Kings are still holding on the top 5. We have to wait the 11th position before we can see the local developers Playrix with Gardenscapes.

Top 20 Google play store

Top 20 Grossing Android in Russia (Image Credit: Sensor Tower)

Now let’s have a look at the games generating most revenue in the Russian market on this chart.  Game of War – Fire Age and Clash of Kings come close at 1st and 2nd position, with almost $1,8 and $1,7 million USD respectively. The huge popularity of the MZ title doesn’t go unnoticed on the Russian Android platform. The Supercell latest title Clash Royale falls at third place with more than $1,1 million USD. Again, despite being in the top 10, we couldn’t find any public data on Mobile Strike regarding the estimated revenue coming from Russian users.

Top 20 Grossing Android Games RU

Top 20 Grossing Monthly Revenue for Android

Regarding the top grossing games by countries, China takes again the lead with 10 titles, and an astonishing $4,3 million USD monthly. US ranks second with almost $2 million USD, attributable, again, to the sole title Game of War. Finland ranks third with almost $1,7 million USD thanks to the evergreen titles Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, while Russia with Playrix only totals $450.000 USD, below Israel (with Plarium) with more than double of the Russian’s developer revenue.

Top 20 Grossing Android Country #RU

Top 20 Grossing Monthly Revenue by Country for Android

Among the genres generating most revenue in Russia, again strategy games take heavily the lead with almost $8 million USD if compared with the rest of the genres, while RPG are way behind in second place with about $800,000. Russian players seem to be addicted to mobile strategy games. In Google Play, the amount of revenue generated by strategy games monthly surpasses the iOS store by almost $3 million. Strategy games makes in Russia about 81% of the total revenue generated per month by the TOP 20 Grossing on Android.

Top 20 Grossing Android Genre RU

Top 20 Grossing Monthly Revenue by Genre for Android

In summary, according to the publicly available for the Top 20 Grossing in Russia, Chinese game developers are leading with six titles (followed by Finland and U.S.), but not generating a significant amount of revenue if compared to Finland or US if we count the number of titles. Strategy games, as expected, generate most of the revenue, casual games are also popular thanks to the local developer Playrix.

On Android, games by country show a more significant difference: China again tops the revenue by country with 10 titles on the Top 20, surpassing US and Finland. However, U.S. and Finland generate good revenue with respectively two and one title. The revenue by genre for strategy games on Android surpasses largely the rest of genres, totalling about 81% of the total monthly revenue of all Top 20 games.

As previously mentioned, all the data we have been looking at is publicly available, and again, these are very rough estimates and might differ from real data. Never the less, we hope this article gave you an interesting insight of the unexplored Russian market.

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