DragonSoul became #1 on Russian market in May 2016 with Rebound Mobile

DragonSoul, a fantasy mobile game by PerBlue, has recently become #1 on Russian mobile market. Rebound Mobile, a Finnish-based mobile advertising agency, exclusively promotes DragonSoul in Russia. Rebound Mobile introduces you the latest Top-10 Games in May 2016 by AdMobiSpy.


  1. DragonSoul

Over the last month there were 1453 ads launched. The top three are:

The named advertising campaigns were focused primarily on Russian mobile audience (99,66%). By demographics, the most active users are men (88.2%).


  1. Last Empire-War Z

Multiplayer strategic game of apocalyptic bias Last Empire-War Z had 708 ads.

The most resultative publications were:


Geographically the campaign spread on four markets: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus. Majority of players are 34-year-old males.


  1. Mobile Strike

Top-3 of May 2016 includes Mobile Strike with 603 publications in seven mobile networks.

Video advertising is the most popular channel:

Geographically there were two main targeted countries – Belarus (43.12%) and Russia (42.29%)


  1. Vikings: War of Clans

The game runs 442 ads in four countries. The most popular are:

With 79.86% share on Russian mobile market, the game attracts mainly male players (91.2%)


  1. League of Angels -Fire Raiders

League of Angels – Fire Raiders launched its campaign on April, 20th; and by May, 20th has published 411 mobile ads in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Top three are the next:

The most active users are males (81.7%), however female players also show the interest (18.3%).



  1. Taichi Panda: Heroes

During the May 2016 the company ran 1614 ads.

The top-3 are:

The leading market is Russia with 99.69%.

Advertising campaigns were carried out in eight ad networks.

The majority players are male with 90.2%, while the rest are female gamers under the age of 18 years.


  1. DragonSoul RPG

The named fantasy mobile game has published 828 ads and reached the second place on App Store in May 2016.

The three leading ads are:

Most of the players are men – 94.3%.


  1. Last Empire-War Z

The 3d place on the App Store takes Last Empire-War Z with 646 ad publications. First three are:

As expected, in terms of demographics major players are men 94.3%.


  1. Cradle of Empires

Over the last months the game appeared in 519 ads.

Surprisingly the demographic distribution of the audience was different: the main interest was shown by women over 25 years.


  1. Clash for Dawn

The 5th place takes a game in the genre of action with 405 published advertisements.

Majority of players are men under the age of 34.

*published by AdMobiSpy


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