The Radical Market Shift for Foreign Games in China

Between 2011 and 2014, China was pretty much the country Western hit publishers turned to for extra growth right after conquering home turf. The Digital Dragon was rising fast and furious, everyone was flocking to it. The pipeline for local game software production was still lagging behind, so a lot of so-called distributors built their […]

China Mobile Game Trends in H1 2017: Tencent and NetEase Dominate iOS Charts

In this report written by Niko Partners’ analyst Daniel Ahmad in collaboration with Sensor Tower, the major players of the Chinese mobile market in the first half of 2017 were discussed, together with the multiple trends in play driving the rankings. China is the most important market in the world for mobile games. Tencent continued […]

Com2Us and NCsoft Report Q2 Results

Two of the biggest Korean game companies, mobile game developer Com2uS and game developer and biggest South Korean online game publisher NCsoft, reported earnings performance for Q2, according to Yonhap News Agency and the Korea Herald. Com2Us sales in the overseas market for the second quarter surpassed the 100 billion-won (US$88.9 million) mark for the […]

Kakao Games Debuts with Mobile RPG Onmyoji in Korea

“Onmyoji,” the hit 3-D mobile role-playing game that swept the Chinese and Japanese markets last year, has officially arrived in South Korea via Kakao’s game publishing unit Kakao Games, the Korea Herald reports. Kakao Games on Tuesday launched “Onmyoji for Kakao,” the localized version of the hit Chinese mobile RPG, via Google Play Store and […]

Playrix Partners with iDreamSky to Bring Gardenscapes to China

Casual games developer Playrix has partnered with publisher iDreamSky to release hit match-3 game Gardenscapes in China for Android devices. The title has been a huge success since making the transition from Facebook to mobile devices and swapping the hidden object genre for match-3 gameplay. Money maker It’s consistently been one of the top revenue generating mobile games […]

LINE Launches Games Publishing Division After NextFloor Acquisition

Mobile messaging firm Line Corporation has established a new South Korea-based games publishing division. Called Line Games, the unit has been formed to bolster Line’s midcore games content. The company will roll out its operations to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and other markets across the world as it aims to grow its gaming business. […]

Southeast Asia is Mobile’s Misunderstood Market

As part of Unite Europe 2017, Jonathon Sze, COO & co-founder, CloudMoolah, gave a talk on his top tips for monetising and publishing mobile games across Southeast Asia. The region offers huge potential, but the rules of success are quite different. “The Asia Pacific market is easily one of the fastest growing ones,” Sze offers, accepting […]

Mobile Gaming Content Needs a Global-Centric Approach

In this article, originally published on, GungHo’s CEO Kazuki Morishita explains how important is to embody a new global-centric approach, thus creating content with a global audience in mind. Ordinarily when a publisher has a breakthrough blockbuster on the scale of Puzzle & Dragons, one might expect the company to begin focusing the business […]

The Western Mobile Developer’s Checklist for Launching in Japan

The Japanese mobile games market is one of the most unique, lucrative, and challenging markets for Western games developers. The financial opportunity is vast – Japan has the world’s third biggest games market. Japan sports a rich heritage for making some of the finest mobile gaming experiences in the world. They’re pioneers in gaming, often setting […]

Why Lakoo Is Bringing Subscription-Based Games to Mobile

This article, originally published on, tells us about Hong Kong based studio Lakoo and his approach towards subscription-based mobile games. Having racked up more than 12 million downloads for its 2011 free-to-play MMORPG Empire Online, one might assume that Lakoo is content with mobile’s dominant business model. But the Hong Kong studio, which started out […]

Releasing Your Mobile Game in China is an Absolute Necessity

In this article published by, SuperData CEO Joost Van Dreunen discusses the opportunities and challenges of heading East. To Western mobile developers, the Chinese market may seem as daunting as it is distant. Every aspect of the landscape is different to anything seen in regions closer to home: the publishers, the distribution channels, player […]

China Mobile Game Trends: Tencent Dominates the Mobile Market

A recent report by Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners, in collaboration with market intelligence data Sensor Tower, and later republished on, tells us how China has become the most important market in the world for mobile games. In April, multiple trends were in play driving the rankings. Tencent continues its market dominance with […]

Kakao Game Had a Difficult Q1 2017

South Korean internet company Kakao has recently published the profits for Q1 2017.  The company recorded a forecast beating performance in the first quarter, helped by robust revenues from its music content business, Yonhap News Agency reports. In the first quarter of 2017, Kakao recorded a record KRW 443.8 billion in revenue, KRW 38.3 billion […]

App Annie – Global App Downloads & Consumer Spend Soar in Q1 2017

The market intelligence data website App Annie has recently published a report on Global App downloads consumer spend 2017. The results show how Google Play surpasses the App Store by app downloads in Q1 2017 with a lead of 135%, while the App Store’s gross consumer spend worldwide took the lead by 100% if compared […]

Is South Korean Mobile Market in Need of Genre Diversification?

Is the South Korean mobile market becoming more and more RPG dependant when it comes to genre and mobile games? We know in South Korea it’s all about RPG: the country is currently ranking at the 4th place by total game revenue with an estimated $4.2 billion in 2017, compared to $4 billion in 2016 […]

Netmarble Games Debuts Above IPO Price

Netmarble Games Corp., South Korea’s largest mobile games maker, successfully debuted on the country’s main bourse on Friday above its initial public offering (IPO) price to become the most valuable game publisher, according to Yonhap News Agency. Stocks of Netmarble closed at 162,000 won (US$143.66), up from its IPO price of 157,000 won, although down […]

Localizing Mobile Games in Asia: a Complete Review

App Lovin has recently wrapped up a series on mobile app localization in APAC with consultant Josh Burns. Josh has extensive experience helping leading mobile gaming companies expand their reach into Asian markets. He shared with App Lovin the opportunities and the challenges that mobile devs face when localizing in various APAC markets: Taiwan and Hong […]

China’s Symbiotic PC & Mobile Games Markets

A notable trend in China’s digital games market is successful PC to mobile game adaptations. What Niko Partners has seen is that hardcore PC-based MMORPGs, for the most part, have been relaunched as mobile games, and this is a trend that is relevant in 2017. Most of the Top 10 grossing mobile games on the […]

Mobile Ad Fraud: a $16 Billion Problem?

For mobile marketers, there is a huge number of ad partners to consider. Some of them are great, several of them are good, but there is a number of them we should definitively watch out for, according to a recent study from Tune: the company inspected 24.3 billion clicks across 700 ad networks, with shocking […]

China Game Revenues to Grow from $26 Billion to $35 Billion by 2021

China’s game market is expected to grow from $26 billion in 2017 to $35 billion by 2021, according to a new forecast by Asian market researcher Niko Partners. Niko’s methodology for the 67-page report included an online survey of 1,000 gamers, interviews with executives at major Chinese games companies, payment companies, mobile game developers, and gamer […]

Deconstructing Nintendo’s $300 Million Mobile Game Success

As is often the case with Nintendo, its FY17 results contains all the information on how successful its mobile games have been, but some of that information has been obscured. At the start of FY16, the company introduced a new consolidated sales category entitled “Smart devices, IP-related income, etc (*3)”. (*3) tells us: “Includes income from smart-device […]

Mail.Ru Opens $100 Million Games Investment Arm

Russian internet company and game publisher Mail.Ru has opened a new $100 million investment arm called Mail.Ru Game Ventures. The division will provide funding to game developers as well as industry expertise for partners. Chosen developers will gain access to Mail.Ru’s analytics platforms and security solutions to use for their games. It will also handle […]

South Korean Mobile Game User Analysis For February 2017

App Ape is a mobile games market analysis company. For this report, App Ape collected data from around 50,000 Android-based mobile phones. The ratio of male to female gamers in South Korea is 55.2%, with the most common age group in the 20 to 29 range. Red: Female, Blue: Male Next, let’s see which categories […]

How Much Can a Mobile Game Make in Russia?

How Much Can a Mobile Game Make in Russia? When looking at current global market trends on the mobile gaming industry, what do we know about the Russian market? We know that Russia ranks currently 11th in the countries by game revenue: mobile game developers have earned a total of $215 million USD in Russia […]

Korea: Netmarble is the World’s No. 3 App Developer

Netmarble, a Seoul-based mobile game developer, was named among the world’s top three mobile publishers by App Annie, an industry research firm, on Friday. Netmarble is also gearing up to go public in May 2017. It plans to raise $4.4 billion and go on an acquisition spree following the IPO. The latest index has Netmarble in third […]

Mobile Gamers In South Korea Spend 46 Minutes a Day Playing Games

Mobile gamers in South Korea spend an average of 46 minutes a day playing games on an average of 2.26 games a day, according to Wiseapp. As reported by Yonhap News, the industry tracker conducted a survey on 25,000 Android users in South Korea. It is estimated that 80% of all smartphone users in the country […]

Korean Online Games Rise in Global Status

South Korea is home to one of the most advanced digital game markets in the world, ranking fourth in terms of game revenue by country after China, the US and Japan as of 2015. Fueling the growth are Korea’s biggest game companies including Nexon, Netmarble Games, NCSoft, and Smilegate — major content exporters that generate […]

A Look at China’s Stringent Mobile Games Regulations More Than Half Year On

We have already mentioned China’s regulations on mobile games on our previous articles regarding China’s ban on Korean games, and during our review of the Chinese mobile market industry. Now we will have a look on how these stringent mobile games regulations have worked so far eight months since their introduction. This article was originally […]

Self-Publishing in Asia: Insights From Playrix

Learn how the Russian game developer and publisher Playrix was able to break into the top 100 grossing ranks in Asia and entered into Appannie’s Top 52. As per February 2017, only two non-Asian mobile game publishers had their titles included in the top 100 grossing charts for the three prominent countries in Asia — […]

War Robots Developer Pixonic On Maintaining Its Quality-First Ethos After the $30 Million Acquisition By the Russian Internet Giant Mail.Ru

In this article we will have a look at one of Rebound Mobile’s top clients, Russian based studio Pixonic, their approach to quality-first, player friendly philosophy and their biggest acquisition so far. During October 2016, Pixonic signed an acquisition deal for its top and flagship game War Robots with Mail.Ru, one of Russia’s top biggest […]

82% of Korean Game Companies Have an Annual Revenue of Less Than $87.000 USD

South Korean gaming companies had a reported revenue of more than $9.3 billion USD dollars in 2015 and surpassed $9.5 billion in 2016, according to KOCCA (the Korea Creative Content Agency). In 2017, this revenue is expected to exceed $10.4 billion dollars (or 11.5 trillion in Korean Won). South Korea represents the fifth largest market […]

Eight key facts about South Korea Mobile Game Industry

Chandler Nguyen was curious about South Korea game industry for a while now so he is using eMarketer reports, App Annie and a few other sources to highlight the top 8 key facts about South Korea Mobile Game industry below in his Digital Marketing & Technology Blog. 1. South Korea ranks 4th in  the world in terms of […]

Mobile Apps in APAC: 2016 Report

Last year think with Google’ report on the state of mobile app usage in APAC was so popular, they’re back at it again with updated data, fresh insights, and new countries added to the data set. Asia (in particular Southeast Asia) is one of the most mobile-driven regions in the world, so this year we also […]

Breaching the Japanese Game Market – Mission Impossible?

Penetrating the Asian game market can be extremely difficult for both western companies and developers. Appnext recently hosted a Meetup featuring Tomotaka Motoyoshi, Senior Director of Global Marketing at Mixi, Japan’s top mobile publisher and gained valuable tips and insights on the measures that can be taken to expand western presence and breach the Japanese market. The Japanese […]

China rising: How China Transformed Into A Mobile Gaming Dynasty

There’s a new sheriff in town, and its name is China. After decades of dominance, the world’s leader in global games revenue has changed hands from the U.S. to China. According to data revealed by the Ministry of China, revenue in China’s games sector attained $22 billion in 2015 buoyed by the country’s 670 million […]

Analyzing the Habits of South Korea’s Mobile Gamers

Apparently Japan’s mobile gamers aren’t the only ones who take their smartphone diversions seriously. According to March 2016 research from South Korea’s DMC Media investigating mobile game habits, the country’s mobile users frequently seek out fresh mobile game titles in search of the latest and greatest experiences. When examining the download habits of these mobile […]

Should games firms welcome or fear Chinese conquest?

The Chinese are coming and they’re hungry for games companies. They need new content to feed their 560 million avid gamers, who contribute to the biggest gaming market in the world – worth an estimated $24.4bn (£19.8bn) in 2016, according to Newzoo. And this market is growing at around 15% a year. Chinese firms have […]

App Annie: APAC is the Top Grossing Mobile Market of the Future

It is a time to think of global expansion. Analytical company App Annie has published a new App Monetization Report that predicts mobile market to bring $189 billion in revenue to publishers. Today mobile is a common lifestyle tool for millions where users may do shopping, entertain themselves, communicate and keep updated on the recent […]

App Annie: China Hits an iOS App Store Milestone

By the end of the third quarter, China became the largest market in the world in terms of earnings from iOS app store. The second market became the US, then Japan, says App Annie in its latest report. Chine has overtaken the United States already by the end of the second quarter of 2016 by incomes from […]

How to Stay Top-of-Mind in Asia’s Crowded Apps Marketplace

Whether for search, instant messaging, social networks, or gaming, Asia is one of the world’s leading regions for mobile apps. High competition makes retaining users a top priority for marketers. Partnering with TNS, we surveyed over 10,000 smartphone users to better understand what drives their app behavior. Here are three insights and takeaways for brands […]

Analyzing China’s mobile advertising technology market

Yoni Argaman, a VP of marketing and business strategy at Inneractive and a Crunch Network contributor, reveals some insights on Chinese mobile advert ecosystem. As any unexplored market, it looks complex and challenging for western developers but an outcome is attractive and desirable. Sep 19, 2016 For those of us in the mobile advertising technology business, China […]

The Russian games market earns $1.4 billion in 2016

In 2016, the Russian games market will be worth $1.4 billion, the 11th largest games market in the world. There are 72 million gamers in Russia, 65% of the online population. PC remains the dominant gaming platform with 44% of the total games market. Dell owners are more likely to play strategy games on PC than owners of Acer PC’s. Of […]

Korean Smartphone Users Spend 43 Minutes Per Day Playing Mobile Games

South Korean smartphone users spend an average 43 minutes per day in playing mobile games, a survey showed on Tuesday. According to the survey of 23,626 smartphone users, conducted by WiseApp, an app analytics company, the respondents spend an average 43 minutes per day, or 4 minutes and 28 second per session in a day. The […]

“We firmly took our niche”: IGG about Castle Clash in Russia

Recently Castle Clash, which remains to be heading grossing apps at Google Play for the last three years, got VK integration. App2Top talked to Timofey Fadeev, a Brand Manager of IGG, about the deal and the game itself. Hi! I’m sure that Castle Clash: A New Era is widely known by the ones who at least is somehow interested in […]

The Rise of TV Advertising for Mobile Games in Japan

TV advertising in Japan has shown to be effective for driving new mobile users and re-engaging existing ones. Japan represents a mobile gaming population unlike any other. With their high engagement and unmatched spend in-app, these gamers are a huge opportunity for publishers. While it’s a market known to prefer local companies, with about 90% […]

Chinese Mobile games market to top $10 billion this year

The Chinese games market is the largest in the world and will be worth $24.4 billion in 2016. There are almost 560 million gamers in China and 36% of them spends money on games. PC gaming is by far the biggest segment in China, with revenues of $13.8 billion in 2016. The Chinese mobile games market will reach $10.0 […]

Japan’s Mobile Game Market Tops US$9 Billion, Is (Probably) World’s Biggest

Smartphones’ and tablets’ games in Japan earn between $ 9.3 billion to $ 9.5 billion a year. An analyst Serkan Toto shared these figures in his post with a reference to recently published reports of two organizations – Mobile Content Forum (MCF) and Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA). According to stats from Japan’s Mobile Content Forum […]

Alibaba launches Nine Store in Russia – an alternative to Google Play

Alibaba Mobile Business Group launched its own apps and games store Nine Store in Russia for devices running on the Android OS. Third-party market Nine Store is already popular in China, India and Indonesia and aims to become the main alternative to Google Play for the Russian-speaking users. By June 2016 the store has reached […]

Rebound Mobile Attended Pocket Gamer Connects 2016 In Helsinki

Rebound Mobile attended Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, a two-day mobile games conference that gathered 100 speakers, 250 companies from over 30 countries. During 5th-6th of September visitors were offered eight essential tracks for 2016: -Fantastic Finland, -East Meets West, -InduTrends, -Monetise, Retain, Acquire, -Show Me The Money, -Future Visions, -Mobile Games University, -Indie Futures. Along with speakers’ […]

Localization as a way to experience an important increase in your mobile app’s revenue

Alexey Medov, the managing editor at localization studio Inlingo and guest author of AppsFlyer, shared his experience on introducing mobile games to the Russian market. Alexey points few aspects developers should consider making their apps really global. A primary goal of any business is to generate revenue and ensure continued revenue growth. The gaming industry is no exception. […]

Russian mobile network WapStart launched automatic filtering of RTB traffic

Russian mobile network company WapStart added a possibility to filter RTB traffic automatically. Now advertiser has an opportunity to set his desired traffic selection algorithms while WapStart platform started to use those settings in real time to adjust campaigns, enabling to run advertisements in a more efficient way. This tool has successfully performed earlier in the […]

How Korean user acquisition is moving beyond Kakao

User acquisition strategies in Korea used to be quite simple. The first and must-have option Korean app marketers take when launching their mobile game is incentivized CPI to boost rank. It’s very cheap – $0.25-$0.35 per install – and still one of the most effective tools . The other ‘must-have’ was Kakao. As demonstrated with […]

6 Best Strategies To Crack The South Korean Mobile Game Market

Jini Maxin, a tech writer and blogger, explains why it is worth to consider South Korea going globally with mobile app and gives six tips on how to penetrate this market successfully. China? Of course! Done and dusted. U.S.? Obviously, taken care of.  Japan? Goes without saying.    South Korea? … Umm… Indolent with indecision […]

Rebound Mobile becomes Elex Technology’s exclusive marketing partner in Russia

Press Release. July 26, 2016 Rebound Mobile, a Finland-based mobile marketing agency, announced today that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Elex Technology in Russia for all user acquisition marketing activities. Under the terms of the agreement, Rebound Mobile will be the exclusive user acquisition marketing partner for Clash of Queens in Russia, giving […]

myTarget launches mobile video advertising in affiliate network

An advertising platform myTarget launches mobile video advertising in affiliate network. All existing video formats – native, interstitial, in-stream, rewarded are available to partners of myTarget. Currently, video is one of the most popular ad formats, which allows publishers and advertisers efficiently solve the problems. Video advertising provides publisher the highest CPM from all possible […]

Unity Technologies: Russian mobile games market is the 4th by installs

Matthew Handrahan, a journalist at, observes the latest Unity Analytics report on mobile games installs around the globe. ”BRIC” countries along with the United States are the leading markets to consider. Q2 data shows the growing importance of mobile markets outside of Europe and North America Brazil, Russia and India are increasingly important markets for […]

Rebound Mobile visited White Nights Conference 2016 in Saint Petersburg

Rebound Mobile visited White Nights Conference 2016 and shares short results. The White Nights 10th conference was held in St. Petersburg at the end of June. According to visitors and participants, it was the coolest one of the time of its existence. Nevertheless, figures would demonstrate it better:  – a number of participants of White Nights […]

AppsFlyer: Asian mobile app users spend more than Westerners

Marketing and analytics company AppsFlyer conducted an extensive study in order to find out what trends in the area of micro-transactions in the global mobile market exist. Rebound Mobile translates an’ summary. The average world indicators are: 3.5% of applications users make in-game purchase. A paying user spends in average $ 9.39 a month in […]

AppAnnie has named the most profitable Russian and Russian near abroad mobile game developers

St. Petersburg has just hosted a large-scale conference of the gaming industry White Nights Conference, which brought together representatives of such companies as Amazon, Google, Epic Games, Facebook, Intel, Unity, Unreal Engine, WG Labs, Big Fish, Microsoft, and many others . White Nights Conference is dedicated to the development and promotion of games on all platforms. […]

DragonSoul became #1 on Russian market in May 2016 with Rebound Mobile

DragonSoul, a fantasy mobile game by PerBlue, has recently become #1 on Russian mobile market. Rebound Mobile, a Finnish-based mobile advertising agency, exclusively promotes DragonSoul in Russia. Rebound Mobile introduces you the latest Top-10 Games in May 2016 by AdMobiSpy. GOOGLE PLAY DragonSoul Over the last month there were 1453 ads launched. The top three […]

Russian Mobile Gaming: Stats & Downloads

Russian mobile gaming is continuing to drive the growth of the online gaming industry in Russia.  According to eMarketer, Russia ranks 12th in the world for video game revenue at $1.3 billion in 2015, following Spain, Italy, and Brazil that are all driving in around $1.5 billion respectively.  A typical Russian online gamer spends $40.95 […]

Translation is not yet localization: make your mobile app #1 on the Russian market

Elena Tereshchenkova, an expert in translation of marketing materials and app localization, shares her opinion on why Russian market is an attractive target for apps developers from around the world. (source: It’s still pretty early in the year and some of you might be in the process of planning your expansion into new markets. Today I […]

Six Things To Know Before Launching Your Mobile Game In Russia

Dmitry Terekhin, a founder and CEO of the Russian game development studio Nekki, keeps an eye on the current mobile game industry trends and shares his views on challenges and opportunities of presence on the Russian market. (article is published on Over the past year, the Eastern European mobile games market has continued to […]

The Latest List Of The Russian Mobile Ad Networks

The Russian mobile ecosystem is pretty complicated from an external view. Our team’s goal is to help mobile marketers penetrate the market with minimum risk and maximum efficiency. This includes, besides other things, sharing our knowledge. Our team has over four years experience successfully managing mobile ad campaigns for our clients. We’ve tested various sources of […]

What You Need to Know About Russia – the World’s 5th Largest App Market

As the 5th largest app market in the world based on iOS and Android downloads, Russia offers great opportunities for global publishers that are eyeing international expansion. myTarget, an advertising platform which is part of the Mail.Ru Group, has recently published a report showing how international players have generated significant growth (link to Russian PR). […]

Inc. 5000 Europe: Clickky Makes TOP-5 Among Marketing and Advertising Companies

Clickky made the TOP-5 among marketing and advertising companies and the TOP-3 among mobile ad-tech companies in the Inc. 5000 Europe 2016 ranking. ODESSA, UKRAINE, March 16, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — We are extremely proud to announce that Clickky has made the TOP-5 among marketing and advertising companies and TOP-3 among mobile ad-tech companies in the […]

Localizing video ads in Russia increases conversion rate by 48%

The latest report by AdColony  delivered at Casual Connect in Amsterdam a few weeks ago reveals that localizing video ads in Russia yields 48% jump in install rate. The report is a result of survey of top 100 developers spending over $1m per month on the AdColony ad platform. With only 11% of the population knowing English […]

Russian Internet User Demographics: 25-34 year-old age group

Russian Search Marketing continues our blog series on Russian Internet user demographics covering the 25-34 year-old age group, which is one of the most important for advertisers looking to target Russian Internet users. This age group is the largest group of Russians on the web.  This is due partly to this cohort being the largest […]

Russian ad networks top the list in the AppsFlyer performance index

During the MWC 2016 in Barcelona, an Israel-headquartered mobile analytics platform AppsFlyer issued a performance index of the top performing traffic sources across the globe. Russian ad networks myTarget ( Group’s mobile division) and Mobisharks scored the highest retention rates in the European region on iOS platform in the gaming vertical. It’s worth mentioning that myTarget sources traffic […]

The Top 19 Russian Mobile Ad Networks for User Acquisition (by Thalamus)

Article posted on November 11, 2015 Source:   According to eMarketer, Russia will make up over 1/3 of all mobile phone users in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region in 2015. It is estimated that over 105M people in Russia will own and use at least one mobile phone per month. Listed below is an […]

Knock down the BRIC wall

Over the past few years, the BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—have seen significant expansion in the mobile gaming sector. Mobile gaming markets in the BRIC countries have grown enormously, with year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth ranging from 49.0% to 132.2% in 2014. To put this number in context, the global average was 38.9%. Although BRIC […]

Russia’s mobile app economy

A huge market with huge potentialRussia already offers a huge opportunity for app publishers, and appears to hold thepotential for further growth in the future.According to eMarketer, smartphone penetration in Russia is currently around 55%, andset to grow to over 70% in the next three years, equivalent to almost 20 million additionalsmartphone users.In December 2013, […]