App Annie – Global App Downloads & Consumer Spend Soar in Q1 2017

The market intelligence data website App Annie has recently published a report on Global App downloads consumer spend 2017. The results show how Google Play surpasses the App Store by app downloads in Q1 2017 with a lead of 135%, while the App Store’s gross consumer spend worldwide took the lead by 100% if compared to Google Play in the same quarter. China has risen to the number 1 country by iOS for consumers spend, and it comes as no surprise that China is one of the biggest drivers and contributors to growth.

The first quarter of 2017 saw record levels of worldwide app downloads and consumer spend. iOS and Google Play downloads grew 15% year over year — to nearly 25 billion worldwide. This is an incredible feat since this number only reflects new downloads and is not inclusive of re-installs or cumulative downloads from past quarters.

Gross consumer spend also grew at an impressive 45% year over year in Q1 2017 to well over $15 billion across iOS and Google Play worldwide. This figure only partially represents how publishers can generate money through apps since it does not include revenue from m-commerce or in-app advertising.

The app market is rising as consumers migrate more of their lives to mobile and pay for the ease, convenience and accessibility that apps offer.

Google Play Downloads Boom in Q1 2017

Google Play widened its lead over iOS to 135% for worldwide downloads in Q1 2017, up from a 100% lead back in Q1 2016. It saw both the greatest absolute growth and the fastest growth rate year over year out of the two stores. Google Play grew 20% year over year, fuelled largely by growth in emerging markets like India and Indonesia.

Worldwide App Downloads by Store Q1 2017 (Image Credit: App Annie)

While Android devices dominate in India and drove Google Play downloads in Q1, India was also a chief contributor to growth in iOS downloads, second only to China. China remains a vital market for the iOS App Store, and as downloads continue to grow, consumer spend follows.

Overall, the iOS App Store saw a healthy growth rate of 5% year over year in Q1 2017; however, it’s when looking at consumer spend that the App Store’s leadership really comes into focus.

iOS Consumer Spend Grew 45% YoY in Q1 2017
iOS increased its lead to 100% in consumer spend over Google Play in Q1 2017, up from 90% in Q1 2016. It saw impressive consumer spend growth of 45% year over year in Q1 2017 along with the greatest absolute gains in consumer spend out of the two stores. Given China’s rise to the #1 country by iOS consumer spend, it’s no surprise that China was a chief contributor of growth. China saw both the greatest absolute gains in iOS consumer spend and the largest growth in market share of worldwide iOS consumer spend year over year. App Annie through their Store Forecast predicts that China will remain the largest single market for app store spend through 2021 and is poised to hold its title as the largest single market for iOS consumer spend in the years to come.

Worldwide Gross Consumer Spend by Store Q1 2017 (Image Credit: App Annie)

While Google Play has widened its lead over iOS in worldwide downloads, iOS has maintained its lead on consumer spend worldwide. Let’s see how Q2 of 2017 will follow.

You can view the full App Annie report here.

Source: Lexi Sydow for App Annie


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