App Annie: China Hits an iOS App Store Milestone

By the end of the third quarter, China became the largest market in the world in terms of earnings from iOS app store. The second market became the US, then Japan, says App Annie in its latest report.

Chine has overtaken the United States already by the end of the second quarter of 2016 by incomes from mobile games. Now it applies to the whole apps market. Revenues in Chinese App Store is 15% more than in the United States.


“As an app publisher or marketer, if China wasn’t a key priority in your app strategy, it should be now. Understanding how to enter this market by learning the complexities of local infrastructure and unique cultural preferences is crucial to your app’s success.” – comments Lexi Sydow, a Senior Market Insights Analyst at App Annie.

By combined income and downloads on the leading app stores (App Store and Google Play), the USA is still leading. Most likely, if App Annie could take into account the revenues and installs of numerous of stores in China, the situation would be different.

The Unites States is the only one of the top regions for installs in which the proportion of downloads from different platforms are almost equal. In most other countries Google Play dominates.


Japan and China are the exceptions, in these countries iOS App Store wins over Google Play. The prevalence fof iOS by downloads in China over Android happens because Google Play is not functioning properly.

App Store also dominates in most markets by income. Approximately equal shares on earnings for both platforms in Japan. Google Play clearly prevalent only in South Korea, where Apple products are not traditionally in such demand as Samsung and LG products.


Overall, global downloads are higher on Google Play than those on iOS App Store, while the situation with global income is reversed.


Source: App2Top


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