App Annie: App Usage Report Q1 2017 – South Korea and Japan Top the Charts

The market intelligence data website App Annie has published an interesting report of app usage for the first quarter of 2017. We will see how the total time spent in apps has been increasing for Q1 2017, and how South Korea and Japan top the charts in terms of time spent per day in apps, and most particularly in games, if compared with the rest of the countries.

When looking at total time spent in Apps, the Q1 shows a significant increase of 25% if compared to the Q1 of 2016. According to the App Annie report, this is due to exploding global user base. Time spent in 2016 was nearly one trillion hours.

Worldwide Total Time Spent In Apps (Image Credit: App Annie)

Average smartphone user used over 30 apps per month for all countries analysed by the App Annie report. Between one third and one half of the apps on user’s phones were used each month, on average. User retention and re-engagement is the key to any app strategy.

Monthly Average Number of Apps Used and Installed in Q1 2017 Image Source: App Annie

When looking at average time spent on apps, South Korea and Japan shows impressive numbers, with games contributing to 25% of user time.

Average Minutes per Day in Apps for Android (Image Credit: App Annie)

When looking at games, the average time spent by users increased in all countries that App Annie analysed from 2015 to 2017. Users from South Korea and Japan are standing above all the rest, with over one hour per day spent on mobile games. As around 75% of the revenue of apps comes from games, if the time spent by users on playing games will keep on rising, this will present a huge, continuous opportunity for game developers and publishers.

Average Minutes per Day in Games for Android (Image Credit: App Annie)

This report from App Annie can give us a deeper insight through Q1 of 2017 in terms of app usage. App usage time has increased by 25% if compared to Q1 of 2016. Regarding time spend on apps and time spent on mobile games, South Korea and Japan have the highest average minutes per day in both. This can illustrate how much potential these two markets have, in terms of revenue, user retention and user engagement.

The full report can be found on the App Annie website.

Source: Eric Thompson for App Annie

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