App Annie: APAC is the Top Grossing Mobile Market of the Future

It is a time to think of global expansion. Analytical company App Annie has published a new App Monetization Report that predicts mobile market to bring $189 billion in revenue to publishers. Today mobile is a common lifestyle tool for millions where users may do shopping, entertain themselves, communicate and keep updated on the recent news. Mobile devices’ producers increase supplies and demand for new features growths instantly.

App Annie advises that in order to fully capitalize on the app economy’s exceptional growth, publishers need to anticipate future market opportunities when planning for a variety of business scenarios, including product launches, performance goals, international expansion and portfolio management.

The latest report offers a forecast on the most monetized markets up to 2020, where, comparing to 2015, APAC countries almost triple Annual Net-to-Publisher Revenue.


Other key points:

-Though games will continue to capture the majority of revenue, advertising will help apps (excluding games) increase their share through 2020.

-In-app advertising and freemium will continue to dominate other business models and subscriptions will continue to be an increasingly important type of in-app purchase.

You may download the report here:




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