Alibaba launches Nine Store in Russia – an alternative to Google Play

Alibaba Mobile Business Group launched its own apps and games store Nine Store in Russia for devices running on the Android OS. Third-party market Nine Store is already popular in China, India and Indonesia and aims to become the main alternative to Google Play for the Russian-speaking users. By June 2016 the store has reached 250 million monthly users worldwide. Every month more than 800 million applications are downloaded there. Market allows you to not only download all the popular games and applications, but also update them to the latest version daily. Nine Store takes less memory than its alternatives, has a user-friendly interface and provides users with a flexible system of incentives.

Version 3.0.8 is now available to the Russian users, which includes a new features of involving users in terms of interactivity and awards. A new section was added to the main page called “Home button”, where users can earn long time remaining bonus points by simply downloading applications in Nine Store. Moreover, there is a localized “Gifts zone” section on the front page, where mobile users can get even more gifts, tips and prizes.

Alibaba запускает в России альтернативный магазин Android-приложений Nine Store

Commenting the latest version, Shalya Lee, Product Director at Nine Store Russia, Alibaba Mobile Business Group, said:

‘‘Nine Store has already received a recognition from the Russian audience, and now has more than 3 million monthly active users in Russia with more than 21 thousand downloads per months. We want to offer users not only downloads but a really exciting journey with constant surprises.

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