Access to the Internet from different devices in Russia: desktop computers vs. mobile devices

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According to a public survey held by ”Obshestvennoye mneniye’’ fund, 78 million people at the age of 18+ use Internet in Russia at least once a month. Penetration, the part of Internet users among this age group citizens, was 67%. Moreover, nearly the same results – 68% – were shown in TNS group’s research called Web Index, where the sample included users of the age of 12+.

84% of Internet users go online through more than one device such as PCs, mobile phones, tablets. More than a half of the audience uses mobile devices along with personal computers while 19% surfs the Internet with mobile devices only.

The highest penetration rate in mobile internet is among young generation – roughly 90% of users younger than 35 access the Internet with mobile devices. According to Yandex.Metrica, a domestic web analytics service for websites and eCommerce similar to Google Analytics, 29% of web-sites visits are made with mobile devices. More than a half comes from smartphones and this level is continuously growing.

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One of the reasons of a relatively small share of mobile devices involvement in internet pages’ views is a wide range of certain applications that make it easier to access desirable information, for instance, social nets or communication services. According to statistics published by TNS Web Index Mobile of January 2016, mobile devices users go through 5-6 downloaded applications daily. Despite the fact that not all of them are for the direct internet entry, their growing ability to substitute traditional websites becomes clear.

On average, from one device, about 13 different sites are browsed through a smartphone and 27 on a desktop computer weekly. However, interests of users are much more varied – in total one city citizens visit thousands of different webpages during a week. Moreover, in addition to pages equally popular throughout Russia as, which is one of the biggest and widely spread bulletin boards in the country that also offers its services for mobile advertisement, there are domestically based sites that differ from region to region, and browsed only by locals. Themes can be very diverse. The most common types are city forums, bulletin boards, local shops and communities of joint purchases, urban media websites, sport clubs and other local organizations. At the same time local based websites attract around 2.5% of the Internet audience only, however in Krasnoyarsk, Kazan and Sevastopol locals oriented webpages traffic exceeds 7%.
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